Shampoo: How You’re Doing it Wrong

Our hair is our crowning glory. It plays a major role in our overall appearance and it’s the first thing most people notice about us. That’s why we should always take care of it. Especially for us women who have long hair, a beautiful and shiny hair will always leave a good impression. And how do we take care of our hair? By washing it regularly with shampoo of course.

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However, as simple as it may sound, some people actually wash their hair the wrong way. If you make these common shampoo-ing mistakes, you could actually be damaging your lovely locks without you realizing it:

You’re Washing Your Hair Too Often

I know a lot of people who wash their hair every day. Some even go to the extent of washing (gasp!) more than once a day. This can actually cause your scalp to produce more oil, which, in turn, can make your hair loose its natural bounce. It means that the more you shampoo, the duller your hair gets. According to hair experts, three times a week is enough for most hair types. The only time that’s it’s okay to wash your hair every day is when you live in an overly polluted city or in a humid environment.

You’re Scrubbing Your Scalp Too Much

The scalp is actually a sensitive part of our skin and you scrubbing it harshly will ultimately cause damage. That’s why being gentle when washing your hair is very important if you want your hair to grow healthier. Furthermore, you actually don’t have to scrub it roughly in first place since it’s not as dirty as you think.

You Shower in Really Hot Water

Showering in a piping hot water may seem relaxing for us but it’s definitely not good for our hair. That’s because using really hot water to wash your hair can actually leave your hair to look dry and dull. Plus, washing with a cooler water can help lock in the moisture that will surely benefit your hair in the long run.

You Don’t Use Conditioner After Shampoo-ing

Yes, I actually know some people who doesn’t use conditioner after shampoo. But according to experts, conditioning your hair after shampoo is essential to your hair’s health. That’s because conditioners can actually help repair hair damage such as frizzy hair and split ends. Moreover, your hair will have more body when you properly condition your hair.


We all know how important it is to take care of our hair. The only question is: do we take care of our hair properly? I hope the pointers I’ve mentioned above will be enough for you to be able to take care of your hair the right way.  Lastly, choosing the right product is also essential for your hair’s health. The ones in the images above are the only products I use with my hair and they’re the best hair care products I’ve ever used. Sincerely. If you want to know more about these quality hair care products, just click on the links and the images.

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