Lipstick 101: Tips for That Flawless Pout

For many women, lipstick is more than just a piece of cosmetic. For a lot of us, it is an essential part our lives.

When it comes to our careers, for instance, wearing lipsticks could instantly boost our confidence. Moreover, studies have shown that people always perceive women wearing lipstick as more professional, which means that it can do a lot to help us move up that corporate ladder.

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Wearing lipsticks is equally important in our personal lives. When we go out with our friends, for instance, we wear lipsticks to make ourselves look more stylish. And when we go on a date, just imagine how a red lipstick could make your overall look more sultry. See how lipstick can boost not just our looks, but our confidence as well?


However, some women really can’t seem to get the hang of wearing lipsticks. That’s because it’s actually hard to choose the right one with so many brands, colors, et cetera to choose from. Aside from the choosing the right one for your specific needs, lipsticks are probably one of the hardest to apply properly. If you’re having the same troubles with lipsticks, here are some essential pointers to live by:

Lipstick Tip #1: Start with a Clean Lip

Make sure to exfoliate your lips at least once a week. You can exfoliate by gently rubbing your lips with a damp wash cloth or by using lip balms.

Lipstick Tip #2: Find the Right Formula

Matte formulas are long lasting, creamy formulas are hydrating, and long-wearing formulas more comfortable to use. Find the right formula that would suit your specific needs and wants. If you have dry lips, for example, creamy formulas is obviously the right one for you.

Lipstick Tip #3: How to intensify the Color

This tip is perfect if you’re going for that sultry red lips look. To intensify the color, a lip pencil is all you need. It can help add shape and volume to your lips’ natural lines.

Lipstick Tip #4: How to Make it Last Longer

Easy. Use a brush to apply lipstick.

Lipstick Tip #5: Blot it

For an even application, blot in between applications by gently pressing a tissue to your lips. This will get rid of excess product.

Lipstick Tip #6: Avoiding Lipstick on Teeth

To avoid this embarrassing situation, put your index finger in your mouth and gently close your lips around it then pull it out. This will take the lipstick inside your lips.

Lipstick Tip #7: Gloss it Up

By applying gloss, your pout will look plumper.

Lipstick Tip #8: Nude Means Good

Nude lipstick means the color is one shade deeper than your skin. For those who have fairer skin, a hint of pink hues is the right one for you. For those with darker skin tones, go for that sandy beige.


Well, that’s it. Hope these tips would help you with your hunt for the perfect lipstick that would work well with your wants and needs. If you’re interested in the products featured above, just click on the links or the images.

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