Denim Phenom: How to Win at Styling Your Jeans

There’s no doubt about it, jeans are everywhere. From presidents to farmers, from supermodels to housewives, from cowboys to skateboarders, most everyone on the planet loves them. Ask anyone why they love denim pants and you’ll surely get a wide range of answers. For some, jeans are tough and comfortable, while others love it for their edgy and sexy appeal. Yes, we all have our own reasons why we love this piece of clothing; nevertheless, this classic symbol of the American West is now a fashion staple all over the world.

From Working Class Hero to Fashion Phenom

It was in 1873 when business partners Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis had THE light bulb moment. The partners first thought of jeans when a customer ordered for a pair of pants that could withstand hard work. It just so happens that Davis was a tailor and Strauss had a tough fabric called “Serge de Nîmes” ( or denim) he brought home from a trip in Europe. With Strauss material, Davis fashioned a pair of pants with rivets to ensure durability, thus jeans were born.

Because of their durability, denim pants were originally for mine laborers, farm workers, and cowboys. It wasn’t until the 1950’s when denim pants got the recognition it deserves. And it owes its phenomenal popularity to Hollywood hunks Marlon Brando and James Dean when they wore them in their films. At first, the society didn’t want to accept this new fashion phenomenon, especially in conservative communities. That’s because jeans were seen as a symbol of youth rebellion. However, by 60’s and 70’s, as communities began to loosen up a bit, denim pants were finally accepted as part of every day fashion.

From then on, denim pants popularity skyrocketed as it became a fashion staple all over the world. In fact, they became one of the most in-demand piece of clothing everywhere as people of all genders and ages wear them.

Denim Pants: Various Ways to Wear Them

Today, most everyone owns jeans. In fact, most of us own quite a few pair of them—from different colors, different cuts, to different designs. For women’s jeans alone, there are a gazzilion ways to fashionably wear them. Here are some styles you might want to try:

Basic rolled up blue jeans looking fab with a pink blazer and pumps.
Black coated skinnies with a wool coat and gold-toe booties for that effortlessly chic look.
Going for that retro 70’s feel with this flared jeans, retro-patterned blouse, and boots.
Wear these leather-coated block jeans for that uniquely stylish getup.
Simple yet sexy attire thanks to these cropped wide leg jeans, halter top, and flip-flops ensemble.
For that laid back rock & roll look, pair these skinnies with a leather jacket and a hat.
Cute and simple get up c/o this low rise skinnies, lightweight tee, and sneakers outfit.
Another fab look courtesy of these raw hem boot cut jeans, plain Boho top, and black killer stilettos.
It’s comfy, stylish, and fun—that’s what this ripped skinnies, plain white, tank top, silver sandals, and cardi ensemble can offer you.

As they say, there are many ways to skin a cat. Well it’s the same with jeans. With a bit of creativity and love for fashion, you can definitely create your own look. That’s what a good pair of jeans can do for you.

*interested in the looks I’ve featured above, visit the site where I got these by clicking on the images and the links.

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