Men’s Shoes 101: Choosing Shoes for Your BF

So in a few days, it’ll be your boyfriend’s birthday. Have you decided what to buy for him? Still debating what to get your guy for his special day? If you are, no worries; most (if not all) of us women understand—right, girls? You see, getting a gift for your man is probably one of the hardest part in a relationship. No, seriously. Unless you’ve been together for a long, long time, it’ll be rally hard to know what he actually likes. That’s why in emergency cases like these, it’ll be a great idea if you just stick to the basics. No, I’m not talking about getting him some generic stuff like boxers, socks, or cologne. What I’m suggesting is something that every man would really appreciate to have as a gift—men’s shoes.

A pair of comfy and stylish shoes will definitely make your man’s day no matter what his interests are. If he’s someone who’s into fashionable clothes, he will surely appreciate you giving him a pair of dress shoes. On the other hand, if he’s a simple and practical guy, for him, a comfy pair of loafers or sneakers is a practical necessity. As you can see, you can never go wrong with men’s shoes.

To help you out with your hunt for the right shoes for your BF, here are some of the types of men’s shoes you should know:

Men’s Shoes #1: Dress Shoes

Wingtip Oxfords
Derby Shoes
Penny Loafers

As earlier mentioned, dress shoes are perfect for men who loves dressing up and making themselves look good. These are also perfect for professionals and executives. If you think your man is a “metrosexual” or if he’s a bigwig in the corporate world, a pair of dress shoes is definitely the one for him.

Men’s Shoes #2: Casual Shoes

Chukka Boots
Work Boots
Laced Loafer

As the name obviously implies, these shoes are perfect for casual occasions. These are also perfect for men who does not think too much of what their clothes would look but make sure that they’re comfortable. You can say that these are probably the manly man’s pair of shoes.

Men’s Shoes #3: Sneakers

Gym Sneakers
Street Sneakers

Sneakers can be classified into two types—the gym sneakers and the casual street sneakers. Again, their names are self-explanatory so if your man’s a gym or sports enthusiast, go get him a gym sneaker. If, however, he’s into the street (skateboarding, graffiti art, etc.) scene, you better get him a street sneaker.

Of course, these are just suggestions. You can always buy him a pair that you think would look good in him. Or, here’s an idea: you can buy him a pair of gym shoes if you think he needs to go the gym or maybe get him a pair of dress shoes if you think he needs to dress up a bit. Ha-ha! Seriously though, it’s really up to you or your partner’s personality what type of shoes to get him.

If you’re interested in the shoes featured here, just click on the images and links to see product details. Good luck hunting for the perfect gift for your boyfriend!

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