Autumn 2016: Simple Yet Stylish Collection

With just a couple of weeks ’til fall, we should be getting our wardrobe ready for the chilly season. I’m sure a lot of big fashion names out there are already launching their autumn 2016 collection. In fact, during the New York Fashion Week, celebrity designers showed their stuff on the famous runway. This includes Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Proenza Schouler, and many more.

Recurring Trends

One thing I’ve noticed in the recently concluded NY Fashion Week was that they had a handful of recurring looks from the past few years. Some of the recurring trends include billowy tops, florals, slinky slip dress, strapless tops, and plains, plains, plains. Yup, we can’t seem to get enough of plains. Moreover, chunky knits, billowy trousers, and other similar pieces also kept on popping up in the fall collection of recent years.

Warmer Weather = Flimsier Clothes

Why is that? Well, the trends appeared to be not too “autumn-ish” at all, wouldn’t you say? In fact, the fall trends these past couple of years look a bit too flimsy to keep you warm during fall, right? Yes, there are still of course furs, jackets, sweaters, and all that stuff included in the collection but it seems they’re not as “heavy” as before. Well, you can blame it on the exceptionally warm weather the past few years. Because it has become warmer (global warming?), designers are forced to create spring-like collections rather than for autumn. Still, there’s plenty of fashionable autumn clothing to look forward to.

My Autumn Picks 2016

Because of the warmer weather, as I’ve earlier mentioned, I decided to stick to clothes that are not that heavy. Of course these clothes can still keep you warm, especially during chilly evenings, and of course, they will surely look chic. Here are my top picks for casual wear this season:

Cropped-Tapered-Leg-Pants Dropped-Shoulders-Loose-Fit-Blouse BL 8158 stripe blouse 34-Sleeve-Zip-Up-Coat Gathered-Waist-Paneled-Shirt KNC3474 sleeveless knit-button cardigan SET Loose-Long-Sleeve-Melange-T-Shirt Nautical-Embellishments-Sweatshirt Nautical-Themed-Cotton-SweatshirtDid you like my picks? If you did, you can check out the site where I saw these—just click on the links and the images.

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