Little Black Dress: Why Every Woman Needs It

The Little Black Dress—of course, we all know it’s more than just a piece of black frock. It’s classy, it’s timeless, it’s versatile, it’s sexy, and it’s fun. Really, what more can you ask for in a dress? Whether it’s long or short, laced or plain, off-shouldered or sleeved, it really doesn’t matter, you’d know you’ll look fabulous when you opt for an LBD. Moreover, even if you’re just going to have brunch with your S.O. or if you’re going to a dinner party, LBDs can really boost your look without exerting too much effort.

Yes, that’s how I love LBDs and I’m sure a lot (if not all) of women share my enthusiasm over this piece of clothing. Who wouldn’t really?

LIttle Black Dress: A Brief History

So when and how did our love affair with the little black dress started? Well, it was first rcognized in the early 20’s when Coco Chanel published a short, simple black dress in the American Vogue. However, it was in theĀ 60’s film Breakfast at Tiffany’s that really boosted the dress to its iconic status we know it today. Thanks to the ever charming and beautiful Audrey Hepburn wearing THAT Givenchy LBD in the film, we now have that same classy option in our wardrobes.

Little Black Dress: Through the Years

Isn’t amazing that even decades after the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, women still look at LBDs with the highest regard? Yes, we just can’t get enough it. Many of us even have several little black dresses. Why? Well, when we only have a few minutes to look and feel fab, we can always have different options to choose from. And even if you own just a single LBD, you can actually wear it in a lot of different ways. Like I said, the little black dress is definitely a must-have for women.

Little Black Dress: So Many Styles to Choose From

Looking to add to your collection of LBDs? Here are some options that wouldn’t put a dent in your wallet:

Scoop Neck Sleeveless Midi Dress 01
Scoop Neck Sleeveless Midi LBD
Ruffle Trim Short Sleeve Dress 02
Ruffle-Hemmed, Short-Sleeved LBD
Ribbon Strap Shealth Dress 01
Ribbon Strap Sheath LBD
Minimal V-neck Dress 02
Minimal V-Neck LBD
Lace-Trimmed Halter Neck Dress 01
Lacy Halter LBD
Halter Neck Sleeveless A-Line Dress 01
Halter Sleeveless A-Line LBD
Front Slit Shift Dress
Front Slit Shift LBD
Flared Cuff Off-Shoulder Dress 01
Flared Sleeved, Off-Shoulder LBD

See how fabulous these dresses look? Try them out, you’ll definitely love them. And lastly, to be a real head-turner like Audrey in B@T’s, it’s important that you let your confidence shine. That’s because even if you’re wearing the sexiest LBD in the world, if you don’t carry yourself positively, the elegance of your LBD wouldn’t really matter, would it?

*Interested in the LBD’s featured here? Click on the images and the links.

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