Casual Shoes 101: How Comfy Can Be Stylish Too

Okay, I admit it, I love wearing heels. Most of the time, I favor heels over casual shoes. Well, who can really resist those fabulous pumps and to-die-for stilettos, right? I love it so much that I’d probably wear heels everyday, that is, if they weren’t so darn painful. No, of course they won’t be painful if you wear them for like just a day or when you’re gonna be sitting down, like on a dinner party. But when you’re going to be wearing them all day, everyday? Well, good luck to you.

Why We Wear Heels Even If We Know The Risks

We wear heels because they’re so darn empowering, right? We feel so sexy when we wear them and we feel like we’re on top of the world when we wear them. Why? Well, simply because heels symbolize feminine sexuality and power. Especially in today’s society where the culture seems highly visual, looking good would really mean feeling good. But would you still feel good if you’re suffering from arthritis at a young age? Because that’s what wearing heels all the time can actually do to you. The truth is that by continually wearing heels, we aren’t actually doing our body any favors as it can cause a lot of health concerns, which include:

  • Arthritis – yup, as earlier mentioned, wearing heels every day can cause arthritis. According to research, wearing two-inch heels and above causes 23% more strain to your knees compared to wearing flats. It may sound insignificant but it actually is. That’s because this strain pushes our knees forward to accommodate the pressure needed to keep our balance and this can actually cause osteoarthritis.
  • Leg, Foot Muscle Damage – with the way we are always on a tip-toe when we wear heels, this can cause muscle strain in our leg and foot areas. That’s because the tightening of the muscles of the unnaturally upward position when we wear heels causes our calf muscles shorten. This, in turn, will cause chronic leg pain and muscle spasms.
  • Neck and Back Strains – when you wear high heels, you’re actually altering your posture. This can cause as much damage to your upper body as your lower body. An over-arched back, for instance, causes a forward head posture, which can strain neck muscles. Altering your posture can also do a lot of damage to your back, especially in the spinal chord area.

Casual Shoes: Comfy Shoes Can Be Stylish Too

No, this article is definitely not to discourage women to wear heels. In fact, I still wear them a lot—though not as often as before. You see, like every thing else in life, you have to wear your pumps, stilettos, and wedges in moderation. Or better yet, wear them only when you’re sure that you’ll not be standing up for long periods of time. Because if you are, I suggest you wear a more comfortable shoes.

I could just imagine the horror in many women’s eye’s with my suggestion; but don’t worry, you won’t be sacrificing style, especially with these shoes:

Open Back Faux Suede Loafers
Open Back Faux Suede Loafers – they’re easy to slip in and out of and they’re classy, what more can you ask for?
Perforated and Garterized Rubber Shoes
Perforated and Garterized Sneakers – what could be more comfortable that sneakers, right? And with their chic design, you can pretty much wear them with anything in your closet and you’ll still look chic.
Stud Accent Low Heel Loafers
Stud Accent Low Heel Loafers – these loafers are perfect for an all-day shopping galore at the mall. You won’t feel any strain and you’ll look great.
Open Toe Weave Sandals
Open Toe Weave Sandals – ideal for the beach or at the park, a perfect example of style meets comfort.
Thick Sole Slip-On Shoes
Thick Sole Slip-On Shoes – they’re cute sneakers—-’nuff said!

Yes, they’re comfortable but they’re still chic, right? If you’re interested in getting these babies, you can click on the images and/or links. This will take you directly to an online shopping site where you can see more of these.

Final Words

Like I said, I see nothing wrong wearing high heels as long as you’re not going to wear them all day, every day. That’s when problems actually occur, especially if you’re going to be on your feet all day. And if you still can’t see yourself wearing anything other than heels, I think it’s necessary to tell you that you should prepare for the worse in the near future.

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