Minimalist Fashion: Why Less is More

In today’s fashion world of extravagant ensembles, over-the-top outfits, and bold accessories, a minimalist look can really be refreshing. Others think that going minimal in your choice of clothes can be boring, but they’re wrong. Yes this no-frills approach to dressing up is not as flashy and exciting as say, Lady Gaga, but minimalist fashion certainly has its own charm.

What is Minimalist Fashion

Much like in other visual arts like painting and architecture, minimalist clothes eliminate all non-essential features, both functional and aesthetic, of the design. It’s like stripping the design to its core to reveal its true essence or meaning. Minimalism in fashion is characterized by their clean visuals, simple silhouettes, muted colors, and often adorn with just a few embellishments. It’s actually all about attention to details—from textures and fabrics, to the lines and contours.

The Charm of Minimalist Fashion

You may think that without all the features and the designs, minimalist clothes would look dull. Well, they’re not actually. In fact, minimalist aesthetics are often emotionally charged. Yes, they may look delicate and plain, but with the attention to details, minimalist fashion can most of the time be more stunning than extravagant clothes.

Not Just For High Fashion

One other thing that makes minimalist fashion unpopular to many people is because most think that it’s just for high fashion. Again, they’re wrong. In fact, this online shopping mall offers casual minimalist clothes, and I think the items here are just fabulous. Just have a look at some of their posh products:

Round-Hem-Tent-Blouse1 Round-Toe-Flats1 Silk-Shirt-Jumpsuit1 Floral-Shift-Dress1 Eyelet-Detailed-Dress1 Cuffed-Skinny-Jeans1

I just love minimalist fashion—I think they’re timeless, classy, and less stressful to the eye as their counterpart. Furthermore, they may look so simple at first glance, but because of the attention to details when it comes to the designs, there is actually a certain level of complexity that goes with it. And that’s actually what makes it so pure, beautiful, and so darn posh.

*Interested in minimalist clothing? Click on the images and the links.

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