Blake Lively: Actress, Model, Certified Fashion Godess

In the latest shark thriller The Shallows, Blake Lively brings that sexy California surfer girl back to life. Yup, this film is all about a surfer girl, in a bikini, fighting a shark—what’s not to like? Ha-ha! As usual, the Gossip Girl is sizzling hot in this movie as she plays a golden-haired, sun-kissed, bikini-clad wave glider. Aside from being just an eye candy, many film critics also lauded Blake in this B-side film as she delivers a great performance of a character in a life and death situation.

Well, that’s Blake Lively for you: showing off her acting skills (not to mention her bikini body!) just eight months after giving birth to daughter James. Moreover, aside from her perfectly fit body, many women also look to her for fashion tips. And why not? With her beauty and ability to put together chic outfits, she definitely rocks!

As one of the hottest personalities both in the film and fashion industries, it’s not surprising that she’s always in the spotlight. And we, fans, are not complaining as we just can’t get enough of her stunning beauty and killer style. Also, the more photos of her we see, the more we can get pointers on how she chooses her looks. Her street style, for instance, is just effortlessly glamorous. Here are some of her model off-duty looks I adore:

Blake_Lively6 Blake_Lively5
Blake_Lively3 Blake_Lively2 Blake_Lively1 Blake_Lively7

Just two words that best describe her—gorgeous and fabulous. That’s why a lot of women (including myself) always try to emulate her and her looks. Well,  with the way she rocks those stylish clothes, it’s really hard not to, right girls? But in my opinion, aside from being chic, it really looks like her clothes are really comfy. I really think her choice of clothes doesn’t seem to sacrifice comfort just for the sake of style, which is, I think, is the best way to pick your clothes. With this in mind, here are some pieces that I think can get that Blake Lively style going for you:

Outer Wear

Outer_Wear-Fleece-Suede-Jacket Outer_Wear-Wool-Blend-Rider-Jacket-Wine Outer_Wear-Zippered-Cuff-Rider-Jacket-Khaki






Bottom-High-Waist-Faux-Leather-Pants-Black Bottom-Classic-Skinny-Jeans Bottom-Black-Stretchy-Skinny-Pants



Shoes-Paneled-Block-Heel-Boots Shoes-Suede-Leather-Quilted-Boots Shoes-Zip-up-Ankle-Heels Shoes-Simple-Slim-Strappy-Sandal-Heels Shoes-Two-buckles-High-Heels



Accessories-Sleek-Paneled-Shoulder-Bag Accessories-Check-Acrylic-Scarf Accessories-Essential-Knit-Scarf Accessories-Curvy-Buckle-Belt


Well, I hope these suggestions could help you get your Blake Lively style going for you. If you’re interested in getting these fab items, just click on the links and the images.

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