Graphic Tees 2.0: How to Level Up Your Shirts

We all have graphic t-shirts in our closets. In my case (and I’m sure a lot of you as well), I have a drawer full of them. And honestly, I rarely use them. The only time I wear graphic tees is when I’m just lazing around the house, or when all my pajamas are in the laundry. I also sometimes use them when I need to go on a quick trip to the nearest store.


Some of you might ask: Why do you have so many graphic t-shirts if you rarely use them? Well, some of them came from friends and relatives, while others I bought because they’re “kinda cute” at that time. Come on, we all have that time when we buy things impulsively, right? Or is it just me? Nah, I doubt it! Ha-ha!



Anyways, here I am, stuck with all these graphic tees I rarely use. What should I do with them? I just can’t dispose of them because, as I’ve said, they were given to me by good friends and loved ones—yup! I’m a sucker for things with sentimental value. That’s when I realize how I can incorporate these comfy tops with the more stylish pieces in my wardrobe. With the right combinations, I’m able to glam up my graphic tees. How? Read on:

Layer It Up

Yes, as simple as wearing a blazer or a jacket, you’ll definitely look more posh than when you’re just wearing a t-shirt. Just layer your graphic tee/jeans combo with a classy blazer or jacket, you will not only be snug on a cold weather, you’ll be a lot more stylish. Aside from blazers and jackets, you can also top your graphic tees with other stylish outerwear, including cardigans, leather jackets, denim jackets, trench coats, and a lot more.

Distressed-Denim-Jacket-with-Fur-Ruff Peak-Lapel-Single-Button-Front-Blazer

Pair It With Skirts

Tuck it into a midi or mini skirt and—voila—instant glam! Moreover, if you pair graphic tees with girly skirts (floral etc.), you’ll have a combination of fun, no-nonsense  and feminine look. Add pumps or stilettos into the mix and you’ll have that “model off-duty” look going for you.

Leaf-Print-Mini-Skirt Plain-Wrap-Midi-Skirt

Pantsuits FTW!

Some may think that pantsuits and dress pants will not work well with graphic tees, but they actually do. Graphic tees can actually give your otherwise dull formal wear a breath of life. If you’re looking to add edginess into your formal wear, rock them with graphic tees!


Accessorize It

Picture this: you’re wearing your casual go-to graphic tee/jeans combo. Seems too casual, right? Them wear a pair of sky high heels and finish your look with oversized necklace, and what do you get? Yup, that’s right… posh as posh can be!

Faceted-Rhinestone-Bib-Necklace Suede-Pointed-Toe-Pumps

You see how easy it is? If you’re stuck in a style quandary, a little creativity and a drawer full of graphic tees can go long way. Try these ideas out and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I loved wearing these fun outfits. And oh… you’re welcome! 🙂

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