Fashion Staples: Pants Every Woman Should Own

When it comes to women’s fashion staples, pants is definitely a must-have. In fact, your wardrobe will never be complete if you don’t own pants. That’s because even if you’re a die-hard skirt/dress fan, there are still some moments when you’ll go for pants. Case in point: Will you wear your skirt or dress on a chilly winter day? How about when you haven’t shaved or waxed your legs yet?

Yes, of course we all own pants, but the question is, do you have all the pants that women should have? You see, owning a pair of denim pants and a pair of slacks is not enough. There are different kinds of pants out there that, I think, are crucial pieces when it comes to style. To help you figure out what you’re missing, here’s a run down on every pair you should have in your wardrobe:

Dark Jeans


Yup, this is one of the fashion staples. This may have been a no-brainer but it has to be said. We all need a pair of denim pants that’s not only fits you perfectly, but dark in color as well. Aside from being comfortable, dark jeans goes well with pretty much any piece in your wardrobe. Furthermore, you can wear dark jeans at work during the day and when you’re just hanging out with colleagues over drinks in the evening.

Ripped, Faded Out Jeans


This pair is the anti-thesis to your dark jeans. Of course, they’re still comfy and versatile, but these babies can definitely add attitude and edginess into your look.

Skinny Jeans


Nope, we’re not done with denim pants yet. Skinny jeans are pretty much the same as the first two mentioned here—they’re comfortable and they’re versatile. However, skinny jeans are really sexy as they can highlight a woman’s figure.

Brightly Colored/ Printed Pants


Of course, you will also need variety when it comes to the colors and prints of your pants. This will allow you to play a bit of color here and there, therefore giving you many options in expressing your sense of style.

Slacks (Fit and/0r Cropped)


If you’re going for a formal look, a pair of well-fitting slacks is the best way to go. In addition, there are two kinds of of slacks or what others might call trousers—the regular and the cropped ones. While the regular slacks give you that conventional classy look, cropped trousers can help you fake longer legs, thus offering you that supermodel effect.



If you want to look sleek, sexy, and stylish, wearing leggings is the key. That’s because they’re not just comfortable, they’re also very flattering to a woman’s figure, especially a woman’s behind, hips, and legs. If you’re conscious about your figure, choose a legging that has a bit more structure. You can also pair them with tall boots and a coat hung around the waist so you’ll be sexy without even showing off every inch of your shape.

Well, that’s it—I think… These are just some of the styles of pants I could think of and I think they are truly fashion staples. If you have any more to add to this list, please do share them with us by commenting below.

If you’re interested in the pants featured above, you click on the links and/or images to go to an online shop where you can get these.

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