Fashion Jewelries: Style Guides & Tips

As the old saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Though I must admit that YES, we do love sparkly things, NO, jewelries are not just about diamonds. In fact, there are literally hundreds to choose from, and it’s actually a lot cheaper than jewelries laced with diamonds. Fashion jewelries, for instance, doesn’t have anything of real value but they look as fabulous as the real ones. This allows you to get your fashionista self going without breaking the bank.

The Importance of Jewelries in Adding Character to Your Outfit

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I’m sure most women will agree with me when I say that jewelries should always be a part of every outfit. You see, jewelries add life and character to any outfits. That’s because adding some sprarklies into your getup will certainly make your whole outfit standout. It’s as if it breathes life into any look you might want to achieve. Aside from that, they could also enhance your best features. If you have a well structured neck and shoulder area, a necklace will draw people’s eyes to your neck/shoulder area.

Fashion Jewelries: Tips on Styling

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As I’ve earlier mentioned, jewelries are made to enhance outfits and not to overshadow them. Sadly, many people tend to overdo wearing their jewelries, which can actually make all the wrong statements. Your look could either be boring or obnoxious if you wear your jewelries incorrectly. To avoid such mistakes, here are some jewelry rules to live by:

Keep in mind that when it comes to jewelries, less is more. Bold pieces like chandelier earrings and bib necklaces in themselves are enough to enhance your look. So never wear them together or do not overcrowd them with other pieces. Just wear them one at a time and you’ll surely look chic. In addition, if you’re planning on wearing several pieces, avoid wearing jewelries with clashing patterns. With the right coordination and combination of patterns in your jewelries, you’ll have a smoother, well thought of look. This goes to your choice of clothes as well. If you’re going to be wearing a dress with busy patterns, I suggest wearing just simple jewelries. The simpler the better. Lastly, be mindful of the color of your dress to what jewelry you’re planning on wearing. You also don’t want the colors of your jewelries to clash with the colors of your clothes, right? So choose your jewelries wisely.

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Jewelries can certainly make or break an outfit, so be careful with how you would wear your pieces. As Tim Gunn, the known fashion consultant and the Project Runway mentor have said: Jewelries can enhance your look and supply you with an oomph of glitz and glamour. The visual harmony of your jewels and your clothes should strike harmony and balance.

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