Cara Delevingne: Certified Fashion Icon

With her quirky attitude and her edgy oufits (not to mention those enviable eyebrows), no one can deny that Cara Delevingne is one of the most influential woman in the fashion world today. Especially with the younger generations, people just can’t get enough of her as millions follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Aside from her social media status, Cara has graced countless of fashion shows, been in numerous ad campaigns, and starred in several magazine covers all over the world.

And now, after taking the fashion world by storm, she’s now hell-bent on doing the same in Hollywood. She’s been in a lot of films including Anna Karenina, The Metro, and Paper Towns just to name a few. I’m sure you’ve heard of the latest DC movie offering, Suicide Squad. Well, Cara played the Enchantress, the main protagonist in this film. As you can see, she’s literally everywhere! This only means that she’s one of the most sought-after personalities in the fashion (and film) world today.

Cara Delevingne: The Road to Fame

Cara Delevingne started out modelling at a very young age. When she was just ten years old, she already graced the pages of Vogue Italia alongside model Lady Eloise Anson. In 2009, Sara Doukas (who, incidentally, also discovered supermodel Kate Moss) spotted her and signed with Storm Model Management. After a just year of working in the industry, Cara was then scouted by Burberry’s Christopher Bailey who casts her in the brand’s spring/summer collection in 2011. This made a huge impact in Cara’s modelling career as other brands finally noticed her and started casting her in various campaigns and fashion shows. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Cara’s Style: An Amalgam of Different Music Influences

As one of the most in-demand models, she’s definitely a style icon today. What with all the campaigns and fashion shows she’s been in, fashionistas from all over the world look to her for styling ideas. However, it wasn’t her appearances in catwalks and ads that propelled her into her “icon” status today. Heck, it’s not even her winning the Model of the Year award at the British Fashion Awards in 2012. Believe it or not, it really was her off-duty style that boosted her to stardom.


Thanks to social media and a truckload of (gulp!) paparazzi pics, she was able to show off her unique styling flair. Some (especially the conventional ones) would probably say that her sense of style is over the top. But for me (and I’m sure for a lot of fashionista’s out there), I think her style is refreshing—yes, it’s a bit different but it’s what makes it stand out from the rest. So where does she get her unique styling ideas? According to her, different genres of music influence her sense of style. She combines hip-hop and rock n’roll to get the look she wants, giving her those edgy outfits and looks. Add her love for music with her playfulness and no none-sense attitude, we get these off-beat yet innovative styles we’ve come to love.

Dressing Up As Cara

If you’re looking to emulate Cara Delevingne’s look, here are some pieces that I think have this Cara Delevingne-ish look you might want to try out:











With her excitingly unique sense of style, Cara surely knows how to stir up the fashion world. If you’re inspired by her look, make your own by trying out clothes from this online mall. The rebellious and gritty outfits they offer will surely make your look stand out from the rest a la Cara Delevingne.

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