Nail Polishing 101: Tips & Tricks

One of the banes of being a woman is doing your own nails. Some of you might say: oh don’t be a drama queen… go to a salon. Nope, thank you very much indeed, I’d rather polish my own nails. Yes, it might be hard and kind of frustrating but it’s cheaper, safer, and less time-consuming. But like I said, it can really get frustrating… even exasperating for some. That’s because polishing your own nails can be easier to mess up with the smudges, chipping, and the likes. If you’re like me, who’s dead set on doing your own nails, here’s a nail polishing 101 by yours truly.


Nail Polishing Tips & Tricks

  1. Use just three strokes to apply nail polish. This will make sure that it’s not too thick and it doesn’t cake or smudge. Let the polish spread out evenly on your nails. The brush is just there to guide the polish in its place. You should also start applying polish at the base of your nail. Gently apply polish at the left side, then at the right, and then down the center—that should be enough.
  2. Use base coat before applying nail polish. Applying a clear base coat will make the polish stick easily to your nail, making sure it will last longer. A thin layer of base coat can also help your polished nails a, even texture.
  3. Say no to quick-dry nail polish. As they say, patience is a virtue. It may take some time for regular polish to dry up but it’ll be safer. That’s because quick-drying nail polish can actually dry out your nails. If you really want the polish to dry out faster, just wait a couple of minutes after application then dunk your fingers into an ice cold water for a bit. This will help dry your nails faster.
  4. Store your nail polish in a cool, dry place. The place to store your nail polish is in the fridge. This can help your nail polish to last longer as heat and moisture can alter the formula of the polish. This can also help avoid the brush/cap getting stuck to the bottle.
  5. Do not use acetone to remove nail polish. If you’re getting tired of the color of your nails and you’re thinking of removing it, just use a non-acetone polish remover. Acetone removers can be harsh to your nails and could cause peeling and drying nails.
  6. Use a top coat. This will help protect the nail and polish from the elements and it will help you achieve a glossier nail polish finish.

Nail Polishing Products You Can Rely On

Aside from these helpful tips and tricks, make sure you’re also using quality products to ensure better performance. If you’re looking for nail polishing products you can certainly rely on, I recommend these two:

CLIO-Nail-Styler-limited-edition CLIO-NAIL-STYLER

For better protection of your hands and nails from the elements, I also recommend using this hand cream:


Well, that’s it! I hope these tips and recommendations can help you develop your nail polishing prowess! Ha-ha! Anyway, last piece of advice, keep in mind that even professionals need to practice to develop a steady hand. So practice, practice, practice because as they say, practice makes perfect, right? It may be a cliche’ but it really makes sense.

*Click on the images and the links to see where you can buy the stuff I’ve featured here.

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