Korean Beauty: The Secret to Their Flawless Skin

One thing that distinguished Korean women from other women is definitely their flawless skin. Just take a look at them. Do you ever notice how Korean women see to have the most beautiful, porcelain-like skin? Others may think that they’re just blessed to have been born with a radiantly beautiful skin, but they’re actually not. In fact, Korean women are one of the most diligent when it comes to skin care.

Yes, we Westerners also use different skin care products to take care of our skin. But when compared to Koreans, our ways will certainly look crude and ineffective. Have you heard about their famous “million-step” skincare routine? Yes, they do have a rigid skin care process that they do follow, but it’s actually just made up of ten steps.

If you want to achieve that constantly glowing, beautiful Korean skin, just follow these steps you can do every day when you get home from work:

Korean Beauty Step #1: Pre-Cleansing

Before the actual cleansing of the face, you have to remove all your makeup first, especially the eye makeup and the lipstick.


Korean Beauty Step #2: Cleansing

Using a deep cleansing gel, wash off the dirt and makeup from your face. Use gentle, circular motions with your fingers to wipe out dirt and makeup and at the same time massage your face.


Korean Beauty Step #3: Exfoliating

After cleaning, you have to go deep down to the pores that’s why you will need an exfoliator to wash out imperfections deep into your skins pores. Just do this twice a month and make sure to target problem areas in your face such as forehead and nose areas.


Korean Beauty Step #4: Toning

It helps remove pollutants from your skin and helps soothes your face to prepare for the next step.


Korean Beauty Step #5: Essence

This is believed to be the most important steps of all. By soaking your face in first essence, it will help speed up your face’s cell turnover rate which will make your skin smoother and brighter.


Korean Beauty Step #6: Serum

Same as the essence, the serum can improve skin texture, reverse the signs of UV damage, and brighten up your skin.GOODAL-double-bright-7days-whitening-ampouleKorean Beauty Step #7: Masking

By using facial masks once a month, you be able to deeply clean your face and remove impurities even deep within the pores.


Korean Beauty Step #8: Eye Cream

Apply an eye cream twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night. This will help avoid lines and circles around your eyes.


Korean Beauty Step #9: Moisturizing

Of course, aside from deep cleansing your face, the next obvious step is to make sure that it stays healthy. That’s why you should always moisturize your face after. This will keep your skin looking smooth and feeling supple.


Korean Beauty Step #10: Protecting

And lastly, all the process that you did to make your skin look beautiful will not mean a thing if you don’t protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.



So do you think you have what it takes to have that beautiful, flawless Korean skin? Just follow these steps and you’ll surely see and feel the difference. Also, check out the products featured here by clicking on the links and images.

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