Trend Watch: Why I Love Kimono Jackets

It’s no secret kimono jackets are “in” today. With so many celebrities we see wearing this bohemian staple, it’s no wonder it has gone full mainstream. Honestly, the first time I’ve heard about this trend, the first thing that popped into my mind is that traditional Japanese garment. However, kimonos are far from that heavy clothing from the Orient. In fact, kimonos are usually loose fitting and made from a delicate, breathable material. Thus, this makes it a perfect layering piece for warm seasons. Furthermore, because of their delicate tonal embroidery details, kimono jackets can be a perfect alternative to the much more formal blazer.

That’s the reason why during spring or summer or whenever the weather becomes too hot for jackets or blazers, I always turn to my kimonos for my layering needs. Of course, cardigans are fine, but you have to admit they can be a bit boring if you wear them every day. In addition, with cardigans, there are limited options when it comes to styling. Kimonos, on the other hand, are chic and trendy—a true embodiment of effortless cool and stylish. What’s more, the thing I love most about kimonos is their versatility. Going shopping with your friends? Having brunch with your S.O.? Spending the day at the beach? Yes, you can wear them with pretty much anything in your closet and anywhere you want. Truly a must-have, don’t you agree?

Interested? Here are some kimonos that I think are just so fabulous:

Ethnic Patterned Kimono


Tropical Style Kimono


Ethnic Print Kimono


Feather Print Kimono


Leaf Print Long Kimono


Floral Long Kimono


As I’ve earlier mentioned, these kimonos are perfect for anything. Hence, you can try it over your basic jeans and shirt ensemble, and you’re instantly chic. Wear it over a pencil skirt, camisole, and ankle boots, and you’re effortlessly Boho. Moreover, you can use it as a cover-up at the beach, and you’re glam under the sun. That’s just how it is with Kimonos and that’s why I love them so much. Go get yours now and create your own look!

If you’re interested in the Kimonos featured above, just click on the images or on the links.

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