Mask 101: Benefits of Facial Masks

After a tiring day at work, I always look forward to a night of pampering at home. As we all know, pampering means different things for different women. For instance, one friend always hits the gym to “sweat the stress out of her system” as she puts it. Another good friend just spends her after-work evening in her bathtub to relax her tired body. As for me, an ideal evening of detoxifying always starts with a hot shower. ¬†After that, I’ll be spending a relaxing evening in my couch, armed with a good book, a cup of chamomile tea, with Nina Simone singing her heart out in the background. Of course, my evening of relaxation wouldn’t be complete without feeling a layer of soothing mask detoxifying my face.

Masks is definitely an essential part of a good beauty regimen. I’m sure you wash your face and pat some moisturizer regularly when you get home from work, and that’s a great thing. However, your skin care treatment wouldn’t be complete without using facial mask once a week. Why? That’s because masks offer many benefits that you won ‘t get from other facial products. Benefits include:

Mask = Cleansing


Yes, washing your face regularly with a facial wash can remove dirt, makeup, and other impurities from your skin. But like I said, it wouldn’t be enough as it would only clean the surface of your skin. With facial mask, on the other hand, it can draw out dirt deep within the pores of your skin . The result of regularly using masks? Detox and cleansing to a whole new level!

Mask = Relaxing


Another benefit you can enjoy from using facial masks regularly is it can be very relaxing. You see, facial masks are usually infused with aromatic oils, which can actually lift your spirits by stimulating olfactory sense. Now, that’s pampering in the true sense of the word, if you ask me!

Mask = Glowing


Masks can also help make your skin feel smoother and fresher as it helps remove dead skin cells from your skin. Plus, with the drying, hardening, and the removal process of using masks, it will help stimulate blood circulation. This will leave you with a noticeable radiant glow and a much healthier looking skin.

That’s why if you’re having problems with dry skin, or if your skin is acne-prone, or if you feel like your face looks so haggard, using mask once a week is definitely your best bet. With its amazing benefits, everyone should introduce facial masking in their beauty regimen. Believe me, in just a few weeks of regular use, you will surely see and feel the difference.

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