Fashion 101: Dressing Up for the Office

Question: Why do powerful women such as First Lady Michelle Obama and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg always look so fashionable? Does having a great fashion sense play a huge factor to where they are now? Yup, even in the middle of a busy day, we rarely see powerful women looking disheveled, right? Such is the mystery to a lot of paper-pushers when we see our bosses looking so fresh all day. Sometimes it makes us think that maybe they’re not working as hard as we do.

Well, it’s no coincidence most women in power (from the First Lady to the COO of your company) look so composed and stylish all the time. Yes, they do work as hard as you, maybe even harder if you think about it. But they also make sure that they take care of themselves and they invest in their wardrobes. You see, their appearance plays a huge role why they are in that position. It sends a positive vibe about who they are and how they want to be treated. Furthermore, their choice of clothes can actually exude confidence, even to the point of creating a commanding power in their aura. This certainly helps a lot in winning not just in their higher-up’s confidence, but with colleagues and clients as well.

Dressing up for the office doesn’t mean you should look like a model or a company CEO to make it to the top of the corporate ladder. In other words, you don’t really have to go ga-ga in fashion just to make an impression. With the right tools and wardrobe, plus some inspiration from successful women, you’ll certainly have that power look in no time. To get you on your way to a successful career, here are some styling to for the boardroom:

The Power Suit in Fashion


The suit is definitely not just for men anymore, they’re for the ladies as well. The most important with the power suit for women, though, is the fit. Make sure to have your pants, shirt, and jacket altered to perfectly fit your figure.

Show a Bit of Skin


Yup, it’s okay to show a bit of skin so laces and knits are the best way to go. Note on the word “bit”—definitely not too much or you might look like you’re just looking for attention.

The Right Accessories


Your accessories can make or break your entire look so don’t over-accessorize. Also, make sure that your accessories are appropriate in the office. As we all know bags can be considered an accessory so a backpack is definitely a no-no.

Black Dress = Success


Black dresses are certainly a must-have when it comes to office attire. That’s because nothing says confidence and elegance than a black dress. Trust me, look at all the powerful women in the world, all have rocked a black dress for sure.

With the right wardrobe, confidence, and hard work, you’ll surely be respected in the office in no time. And I’m pretty sure your bosses will take notice as well. Invest in the right pieces and you’ll be investing for your future.

Where to get the perfect pieces? Click here or on the links and images above.

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