Kid’s Clothes: Kids Can Be Fashionistas Too

As far as I can remember, I’m always passionate about fashion. Even when I was young, I was so meticulous about my choice of kid’s clothes. Furthermore, I would creep into my mother’s walk-in closet and try some of my mom’s dresses on. You can just imagine her shock when she walked into her closet once and caught me wearing her makeup, dresses, and stilettos! Talk about a child’s passion for fashion, right?! Ha-ha! 😀

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Boyfriend Jeans: What Are They & How to Wear Them

Okay, let’s talk about boyfriend jeans. We all love them, don’t we, girls? Their cool, their comfy, their versatile, and their ultra-fab. What’s not to love about them, right? The problem is, as much as we’d all love to wear them, not everyone can rock this fashion essential. Are they really that hard to wear? Of course, celebrities like Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker wouldn’t have problems rocking these. But what about the average Jane?

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90’s Fashion Revamp: Grungy with a Modern Twist

I don’t know about you but I just love the 90’s, especially when it comes to music and fashion. What with so many iconic bands such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and of course, who can forget, Nirvana, it’s no wonder their music still garners so much respect to this day. Same as the music, 90’s fashion is as popular as it was today. Why? Because 90’s fashion rocks, that’s why.

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