Kate Middleton: Modern Day Princess & Style Icon

Kate Middleton is not just the Duchess of Cambridge anymore, she’s also a style icon. We all love her, don’t we? Who wouldn’t, really? With her timeless beauty, impeccable sense of style, and of course, her fairytale-like story, many girls will naturally aspire to be like her. In fact, when people see she’s wearing a particular brand and style, it will sell out in seconds. Truly, she’s one of the most influential women in fashion today.

Describing The Modern Princess’ Style

When the public first saw her, not many people noticed Kate’s flare for stylish clothes. All we ever see back then is her modern fairytale, complete with a prince charming, which, of course, tickles every girl’s fancy. However, everything changes when she married her prince. She transitioned from Kate Middleton, the simple girl from Chapel Row, to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. She became a prominent figure when it comes to fashion, placing top in many “best-dressed” lists.

So why is she such a favorite when it comes to her choices of clothes? Well, honestly speaking, she has become a breath of fresh air from all the flashy styles of celebrity culture. She’s appropriate but not boring; she’s chic but not too extravagant—just the right combination of elegance and fun that brings out the honesty, grace, and natural demeanor in her. Furthermore, the way she mixes high and casual fashion is just perfection. This allows us mere commoners relate to the royalties even more and achieve the same style and grace as her Royal Highness.

Learn From Her Royal Highness

So how do the Duchess of Cambridge dress up casually and make her getup still look like a royalty? As I’ve earlier mentioned, it’s just a matter of combining the right pieces from your wardrobe Let’s take a look at some of Kate’s simple yet glamorous getup:


As you can see, even with her street clothes she looks so elegant and chic. That’s why they call her the Queen of the High Street Fashion. And of course, I totally agree with them. I admire her so much, that I try to emulate how she chooses her street clothes. As they say, the highest form of flattery is imitation, so… I tried mixing rugged and high fashion stuff, and this is what I get:

Double-Breasted-Jacket Open-Front-Tweed-Jacket Collarless-One-Button-Jacket Buckled-Strap-Blouse

Of course I love how Kate dresses herself but as I always say, it would be better if you just use them as your inspiration and create your own look. That’s what I did with these outfits, creating my own look with Kate’s style in my mind.

If you like what you’re seeing here, you can actually create your own look. Just click here or click on the links and images to go to the site where I got these items.

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