Dress & Speech Choices: Melania Trump’s Boo-boo?

So we’ve been hearing a lot from Melania Trump this week, right? For three days straight, the spotlight was not on Donald Trump and his plans if he becomes president. As you may have heard by now, everybody seemed focused on his wife and her plagiarism issue—not to mention her dress. She’s definitely one of the biggest stories this week. In fact, with all the media attention she’s been getting lately, it seems like she’s the one running for presidency.

The funny thing is, even the dress that she wore during the speech fell under scrutiny as people noticed the similarities of her dress to one Caitlyn Jenner.


Now, will all these controversies affect her husband’s bid for the highest position in the country? Trump’s campaign people are probably scrambling now to fix the damage—or are they?

Big Campaign Boo-Boo


Without a doubt, plagiarism will never look good in any candidate’s portfolio. It is unethical and, well, it’s just wrong. No further explanation really need there. Furthermore, the “stolen” lines came from the speech of Michelle Obama, the wife of Trump’s biggest political rival! Talk about awkward. To add insult to injury, Trump’s team refused to admit their blunders, denying the allegations of plagiarism, saying:

To think that she would do something like that knowing how scrutinized her speech was going to be last night is just really absurd,” Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman said.
Now this made a lot of people really incensed at the Republican nominee and his cohorts. And who wouldn’t? People are thinking that Trump’s campaign team are making fools out of them for denying such an obvious case of plagiarism. To make matters worse, the controversy started a finger-pointing affair within Trump’s campaign circle, which made The Donald himself  furious. Now that’s a laugh!
As I’ve said, anyway you look at it,  it’s just wrong. It’s not just a question of intellectual rights or a question of integrity; it’s just plain stealing—a total disrespect of someone who actually did some work. Heck, even students can get suspended or even expelled from school when he or she plagiarized, right?

Melania’s Choices

All would’ve been fine if Mrs. Trump just copied Michelle Obama’s fashion choices. I’m sure even the First Lady herself would’ve been flattered seeing Melania Trump imitating her clothes. But as it turns out, she (Melania) chose to plagiarize her (Michelle) speech. Now this boo-boo will certainly affect The Donald’s bid for the most powerful post in the world.

Michelle Obama’s Grace and Style

As for Michelle Obama’s bid for the most fashionable First Lady in the history of our great country? Jackie O. fans will probably throw a fit when they read this but I think Michelle Obama wins by a landslide. Just look at her: she’s always so stylish, elegant, and the way she carries herself—just perfect!
With Michelle Obama as my inspiration, I thought of investing in little black dresses and other dress that I think emanates Michelle’s sense of style. So I came up with these looks:
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