Lip Gloss: A Menace or A Woman’s Best Friend?

I must admit that I was once a hater of lip gloss.What with the sticky lips, the wind will certainly be your mortal enemy as every flyaway hair will most likely get stuck on your lips. Well, not to mention you will certainly leave a kiss mark on every cheek or coffee cup your lips touch.Furthermore, I used to think that the only thing you would need for your lips are lipsticks.


The Many Benefits of Lip Gloss

As I’ve said, that was before. Now, I just can’t leave the house without my lip gloss. You see, there are plenty of reasons why I’ve had a change of heart when it comes to lip glosses. Benefits of using lip gloss include:

  • Sun Protection. Lip gloss are great sunscreen agents that could help protect your lips from the sun. So if you’re about to do an activity under the sun, you should pack your lip gloss in your bag. This is to ensure quick and easy applications anytime, anywhere.
  • Moisturizer. If you’re having regular problems with chapping lips—the painful peeling and, of course, the embarrassment of cracking lips—can totally bring anyone’s self esteem down. Using a lip gloss regularly can certainly ease your suffering as lip gloss can also help moisturize your lips. Furthermore, having perfectly hydrated lips can actually make your lips look more supple, thus helping you look more younger and healthier.
  • Lipstick Base. Yes, lip gloss can be the perfect base for your lipstick. Believe me, your lipstick will actually look a million times better when you apply it after a lip gloss. That’s because when you apply your lipstick, your lips will look more moisturized and thus healthier when you use a lip gloss first. Can you imagine applying lipstick on a severely chapped lips?

A Change of Heart


I don’t know about you, but with all these benefits, I’d rather ignore the minor drawback (hair sticking to your mouth) of using lip gloss regularly. And the fact that it’ll make you look more healthy and beautiful is enough for me to change my mind about this amazing cosmetic product.

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