Men’s Wear: Great Gift Ideas for Your S.O.

Okay, your boyfriend’s or your husband’s birthday is just a week away and you’re at your wits end in choosing a present for him. Of course, you’d want your gift to be special but as we all know, buying a gift for a man can be next to impossible at times! You want to know what I’m thinking? Rather than buy him something “romantic” or something “sweet”, why don’t you buy him some clothes? I know, I know, it’s kinda strange for you to be giving him clothes, but think about it—you’ll be able to make him wear something that you would’ve love to see him in but he doesn’t seem to care about. Yup, that’s what a lot of men are—they just didn’t seem to think about what they wear the same way we do, right? With you buying him clothes for his birthday (and in other occasions) you’ll be able to <insert evil laugh here> get your boyfriend to dress better.

Just a word of caution though, what ever terms of endearment you use, your SO, significant other, honey, sweetheart, buttercup, baby, babe, or (gasp!) bae may be offended if he would know what you’re up to, so for your sake, thread lightly on your next moves. Here are some tips on how you can get your man to “help” you pick a gift for him, without him actually knowing it:

  • Talk to him about his choice of clothes. But don’t be too obvious. If he’s into something that you don’t like, ditch that idea and ask him about something else you might like as well. You can also try the power of suggestion—as in leading your boo to clothes you may want him to wear.
  • Talk to his friends. Yes, sometimes his friends can be a bit annoying but they’re your beau’s friends and they will surely know a thing or two about your significant other’s choice of clothes—may it be shoes, pants, or shirt.
  • Go through his closet and check how he chooses his clothes. This is also the best way to see what pieces of clothing he does or doesn’t have. If you like what you’re seeing in his closet, you might as well add on to his choice of wardrobe. If you’re really not into his choices of clothes, this is your chance to get him something that will not only look good on him, but will also tickle your fancy.

I know that it’s really difficult to choose clothes for the man of your life. That’s why I’ve also included here a list of men’s wardrobe essentials you might want to get him:

Polo Shirt


The polo shirt or the collared shirt, much like the tee-shirt, is very versatile indeed. It will surely look great in chinos, jeans, shorts, and pretty much any pants your man may have in his closet. The only difference is that polo shirts are way poshier than tees.

White Button Down Shirt


Your man will never go wrong with this basic pieces. It’s simple yet elegant, and the best part about this is that he can wear it on pretty much any occasion. Yup, it’s one of the most versatile pieces out there.

Pale Blue Shirt


Much like the white button down shirt, the pale blue shirt can be worn at work or when he’s just going out to meet his friends for a drink, truly one of the most essential item for your man’s wardrobe.



Of course jeans is a must-have—do we really need to explain why? I’m sure your guy has a lot of these in his wardrobe, but as they say: there is no such thing as having too many jeans in your closet.



Chino pants are definite a must-have as well. Why? Well, they are the middle ground between casual and formal; so if your man is not too sure if he’s needs to go formal or casual in an event, he might as well go in-between and chinos are the best go-to in these kinds of situation.



Even if your man is not comfortable wearing a formal attire like a suit, this might come in handy if ever you are invited in a formal event.

Of course there are a lot more your man should have in his wardrobe, though as I’ve said, the ones I’ve mentioned above are definitely the first ones you should think of getting him, especially if he doesn’t have one yet. Well, that’s it. Hope this helps in your quest for the best gift for his coming birthday. If you’re looking for quality clothes to get your man, just click here, on the links, an/or click on the images.

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