Flats: Your Choice for Comfort and Safety

When it comes to women shoes, pumps, stilettos, and other high-heeled shoes always get the attention. Well, what’s not to love about them—they’re sexy, stylish, and elegant, right? Truly, they are most probably the best finish to complete a smart outfit—a sort of an icing on the cake, as they say.

While there’s no denying that these high-heeled babiesĀ look oh so fabulous, you should know by now that there are risks that come in wearing them all the time. In fact, the higher the heels, the riskier it gets in wearing them. Considering that you’re going to be almost on a tip-toe in wearing stilettos, it certainly puts a lot of pressure on your knees, ankles, calf muscles, hips, lower back, and of course, your toes. This pressure, could eventually cause you a lot of health and safety problems, including: lower back spasms, knee, ankle, and other joint problems, corns and calluses, unbalanced posture, and of course, serious injuries when you fall. These problems will, of course, not manifest, at first, but when they do… well, you probably know what would happen.

That’s why even though I love high heels so much, I make it a point to only wear them from time to time. And in between those times? I turn to my trusty flat shoes for comfort, of course! Benefits of wearing flat shoes are enormous compared to wearing high heels, including:



Of course, with your feet planted firmly on the ground, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable. With flats, you’ll be able to walk around while shopping at the mall for hours comfortably, unless, of course you get tired. Try doing that in stilettos, let’s see how long you’ll last.



As earlier mentioned, wearing high heel shoes can put your safety at risk because it’s harder to balance wearing them and you could risk serious injury when you fall. With flats, it provides you with more stability and balance therefore minimizing the chance of you stumbling down.



Who says only high heel shoes are the only ones you can wear with your stylish clothes? If you invest in a wide variety of flat shoes, you\ll be able to mix and match them with different styles and various pieces in your wardrobe. Just look at the fabulous flat shoes below and you’ll know what I mean:





Truth be told, I still love my pumps and stilettos, but I don’t wear them to work everyday or I might end up with a foot, back, knee, and other joint problems if don’t restrain myself from doing so. What I do is invest in different styles of flats for me to be able to wear different getups every day. As for my high heeled shoes, I just wear them once of twice a week or when the’re a special occasion.

If you’re interested in the flats featured in the images above, just click on the links and the images.


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