The Ghostbusters: The 2016 Female Reboot of the 80’s Favorite

Who ain’t afraid of no ghost? GIRLS, THAT”S WHO! Yup, The Ghostbusters are back; but this time, it’s the girl’s time to kick some spooks’ butt!

In this 2016 reboot of the 80’s favorite, Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) and Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) are paranormal enthusiasts who wrote a book about the existence of ghosts. When the book was published, however, it didn’t get much attention. Years later, Erin became a physics professor at Columbia University. Just days before getting her tenureship, the book was discovered by her peers, which, to her dismay,  made her a laughing stock in the academe.

This made her go look for her childhood friend, Abby and ask her to remove her name from the book. She eventually found Abby still investigating paranormal activities with her new research partner, Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), a genius who invents cool gadgets. However, in exchange for her name to be removed, Abby and Jillian convinced Erin to go with them to do a paranormal investigation one last time, during which they’ve actually encountered a real ghost.  The experience made Erin revert back to her old ways of proving the existence of ghosts. So together with Abby, Jillian, and their new recruit Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones), they’ve set up an office above a Chinese restaurant, hired a hunky receptionist named Kevin (Chris Hemsworth), and thus the new Ghostbusters is born!


Now, I don’t know about you, but I think this female reboot of The Ghostbusters is definitely a must-watch. Not only does it say “Girl Power” all the way, it also features comedic geniuses McCarthy and McKinnon. We all know McCarthy in her hilarious performances in movies like Bridesmaids and The Hangover III, as well as for her several hosting stints on Saturday Night Live. McKinnon, on the other hand, was lauded by critics on her hysterical sketches also in SNL. Leslie Jones is also currently a member of SNL, so we all know she’s funny too. As for the ever beautiful and talented Kristen Wiig, well, no introduction needed here. With the cast alone, I’m sure it’s going to be a fun movie to watch.

So imagine my dismay when I saw some dreadful reactions from self-proclaimed GB fans, saying the reboot is a disgrace to the popular 80’s movie franchise. Why? Because they made the characters women? Now, if that’s your reason why you’re putting too much effort to hate this movie, that’s just plain sexist and I refuse to stoop down to your level by further commenting on this. I’d rather watch the movie and admire these lovely women, especially Kristen Wiig, who, I was surprised to know, is one stylish lady. Maybe because I only know her as a comedienne or maybe she just keeps a pretty low profile, but when I saw her photos over the Net, I just can’t help but be amazed with her sense of style, especially in red carpet affairs and TV guestings. Just look at her in the photos below:



Looking at her photos above, I must admit I’m now a fan of hers—-why not, she looks so beautiful and she’s always impeccably dressed. Definitely my kind of lady! And as always, like with other celebrities I admire, I try to emulate how she dresses. I noticed that Kristen’s style is very sexy and yet still very classy, so I tried to imitate while, of course, incorporating some of my own style. Here are some of the pieces I found rather Kristen Wiig-ish:

Classic-Shift-Dress Sleeveless-Sheath-Dress V-Neck-Midi-Dress Washed-Straight-Leg-Jeans

Liking the getups? If interested, there’s more where these came from—just click here or click on the images to go to the site where I saw these. As for the movie, I’ll definitely watch this—not just because of Kristen Wiig, but because of the entire cast and the plot, which actually sounds fun to watch!

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