Why You Need to Wash Newly-Bought Clothes Before Wearing Them

Okay you got me. I admit I was once one of those people who just can’t wait to wear clothes that are freshly bought from the store. Well, who can blame me and others like me? Of course we’re going to be so thrilled to wear them as soon as we can; that we just cannot wait to get the laundry done first before we can feel the fresh fabric on our skin. More so if the items in question are those items that are either hard to find or clothes that you just fell in love with the moment you laid eyes on them. How can anyone be so mentally tough enough to wait another day just to wear those newly bought items? I’m truly amazed back then! Ha-ha! Furthermore, I also used to think that newly-bought clothes are in their best shape when they are not washed yet. Just how can we dump that fresh-from-the-rack, crisply folded item straight to the washing machine, right?


Well, the key words to what I’m saying are “used to” . That’s because I’ve already seen the light. Now I know why it is important to wash new clothes first before they are worn. And you should too as this could save you from a lot of skin problems in the future.


Well, Columbia University Medical Center dermatology professor, Donald Belsito, have made a study about this and he found out something quite nasty. He said that new clothes, fresh from the store, most often than not, contains harmful chemicals including azo-aniline dyes and formaldehyde resin that could cause many skin problems. What are these? Firstly, azo-aniline dyes are commonly used as pigments for coloring fabrics used in making clothes. Aside from using for coloring fabrics, azo-aniline dyes are also used in insecticides, lacquers, varnishes, waxes, etc. As for the formaldehyde resin, it is often used as a component for making plastic or for making (gasp!) fertilizers. Formaldehyde resin can be unsafe for people when inhaled or when exposed to the skin as it can cause respiratory problems and/or skin outbreaks.

Now, can you just imagine toxic chemicals like these touching your skin?


Aside from these harmful chemicals that could be present in newly bought clothes, you also have to consider that clothing stores, shops, and boutiques are public places. It actually doesn’t matter if you bought the items in a thrift shop, in an upscale fashion boutique, or in an online shopping mall, you have to remember that dressing rooms and storage areas are breeding grounds of germs, fungus, and bacteria (ew!) and the item you just bought could have carried something nasty in it. Now imagine that when you wear newly bought clothes.

That’s why the next time you buy clothes, just a friendly reminder—make sure that it’s washed first before wearing it. This will save your skin from possible irritations or worse, infection. In fact, experts say that it’s best if you wash it twice.. just to be sure.

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