The T-Swizzle Factor: In Defense of Taylor Swift

Well, June has really been one hell of month for Tay-Tay, right? After her highly publicized breakup with Calvin Harris, which had been (as one source says) quite civil, all hell broke loose in the entertainment industry when photos of T-Swizzle and the dashing English actor Tom Hiddleston making out on a rock in Rhode Island surfaced in less than two weeks.

As expected, Taylor Swift is now being bullied on mainstream media and social media alike. All the name-calling and the shaming she’s been getting lately from a lot of people have really been dreadful. And for what? Because she chose to move on from her sad past quicker than anybody? Because she chose to be happy with someone else rather than sulk over her recent heartbreak?

Come on people! She’s young, talented, and beautiful; of course she’s going to date! Why would she need to waste her time sulking over the past when she can be happy NOW? Stop criticizing her for dating; and frankly, we really need to stop criticizing women for every decision they make. Just stop.

Okay, I admit it, I’m a fan. I’m a true-blue Swifty. So what? She’s talented and she’s beautiful—what’s not to love? But thing that really got me drawn to her is her great fashion sense. Every time I see her—on TV or when she’s photographed by paparazzi, whether she’s on stage performing her heart out or when she’s just strolling on the streets—she always looks so impeccably dressed.

That’s the thing about her, she’s always in cool and comfy yet elegant and sexy clothing that she’s so damn adorable, it hurts. Ha-ha! Seriously though, she really knows how to combine pieces together, creating her own look. A cool formula of combining sexy and feminine with rugged and masculine pieces–a perfect amalgamation of casual and chic—a plethora of styles that emanates beauty, elegance, and sensuality.

With that in mind, I thought of imitating some of her off-duty getups incorporating them with my own style, of course. So without further ado, here’s my T-Swift-inspired collection:








Like them? There’s more where they came from. Just click on the images and the links to go to the online shopping mall where I got these.







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