The Importance of Investing More Time With Your Family

I remember when I was young, my parents, even when they had busy work schedules, always had time for me and my siblings. Especially during summers when the school’s out, my parents will always think of any summer activities we could do as a family. So every year, we’d pack our bags, jump on our RV, and go on trips to the beach, or we’d go camping, or we’d go fishing. I remember how happy we were as a family.


In today’s fast-paced world, however, it’s becoming harder and harder for many parents to make time for their families. What with all the ever-growing tasks we do not only in the office, but in our homes as well, people tend to forget that spending quality time with your family is very important, especially to children’s social, mental, behavioral, and emotional development.


Think of it this way: When you spend more time with your kids, you’re not only strengthening your family’s bond, you’re actually investing in their memories, thus in their future. Aside from that, what are the other benefits of investing time with your family? Read on:

Healthier Communication

Think about it. How can you even make your kids open up to you when you’re always not there for them? Bonding with your family often will definitely help build bridges of healthy communication with your kids as they will feel like they can trust you because you’re always there for them.

Better Upbringing

When you spend more time with your kids, you can even share your own experiences when you’re younger to them thus it will sort of be a “training” for them, making them more ready of things to come when they get older.

Academic Performance of your Children

If you’re always there for them, you’ll be able to follow them and guide them with their academic performance. Just a simple explanation of their questions about their homework can actually do wonders in helping your child in his or her school performances.

Developing Their Own Parental Skills

We all know kids learn by example. If you’re always there for them, ready to guide and support your kids in any endeavor they think of, they will more likely do the same when they have kids of their own.

Happier Relationship with Your S.O.

It’s just not about communicating better and being always there with your kids. Your significant other will also feel more loved and wanted when you have enough time for your family, thus strengthening your family’s togetherness and your love and respect for each other.


I understand that there will be times when parents today would have a hard time making time for family activities. However, it actually doesn’t have to be full summer activities every summer like we used to do. Just being there most of the time when your family needs can actually do a lot for them. And when you actually do find enough time, make sure to spend it all for them.






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