Breaking Stereotyopes: Androgyny in Fashion

Although I really love wearing floral dresses and other feminine clothes, from time to time, I see myself wearing something manly or boyish. Just the other day (a lazy Sunday, in fact) I had to go to the nearest store to get some errands done. My boyfriend was already waiting for me outside in the car to drive me to the store. So I just threw on a pair of boyfriend jeans, rubber threads, and a plain V-neck tee, and when I looked in the mirror, I thought: Wow! I look like a boy!

When I got into my boyfriend’s car, I was half expecting him to comment how tomboyish I look in my clothes. But to my great surprise, he grinned and said, “You look sexy in that!” Of course, I was flattered but, honestly, I was taken aback by it as well. Considering that I thought I look like a mess, it was quite a surprise that my boyfriend liked those boyish clothes. Why are men attracted to these mannish jeans and shirt combination?

Truth is, I really don’t know the answer to these questions. But one thing is for sure, sometimes, with the right combination of “manly” and feminine clothes, you can be as sexy as hell to men without actually exerting too much effort. I can actually hear the sultry Shontelle singing in my head:

“Imma step out of this lingerie
Curl up in a ball with something Hanes
In bed I lay

With nothing but your T-shirt on
With nothing but your T-shirt on ”

Androgynous clothing—we can see it anywhere and everywhere and worn by everyone—from top models in fashion shows to simple folks in the streets. Yes, ever since pop icon David Bowie appeared as a rather feminine character Ziggy Stardust and Hollywood legend Marlene Dietrich shocked everyone when she showed up dressed in men’s suit complete with a hat, the fashion world has been rather hermaphroditic.

Yes, it’s sexy for most men but not every time. You just can’t get anything from your boo’s closet and expect his jaws to drop immediately. As I’ve said, it’s all about throwing in the right combination of something feminine and masculine into your outfit.

Moreover, you have to admit that not everybody can actually pull these boy garbs off. Especially if you have masculine features, I would certainly advise for you to stay feminine with your choice of clothing. If, however, you are blessed with girly traits such as a slender body and long hair, good for you as you can play more with androgynous looks.

Dare to tackle androgynous clothing? Here are some surefire way to look sexy in those manly clothes:

BF Jeans






Denim Jacket






Button-down Shirt


Easy right? If you want to check out the manly clothes above, just click on the images or the links. Anyways, hope you find the right combination to get  your androgynous look going for you. If you have any more pieces you think should be included on the list or if you have any opinions about the matter you want to share, please do so in the comments section below.

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