Dress & Speech Choices: Melania Trump’s Boo-boo?

So we’ve been hearing a lot from Melania Trump this week, right? For three days straight, the spotlight was not on Donald Trump and his plans if he becomes president. As you may have heard by now, everybody seemed focused on his wife and her plagiarism issue—not to mention her dress. She’s definitely one of the biggest stories this week. In fact, with all the media attention she’s been getting lately, it seems like she’s the one running for presidency.

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Kate Middleton: Modern Day Princess & Style Icon

Kate Middleton is not just the Duchess of Cambridge anymore, she’s also a style icon. We all love her, don’t we? Who wouldn’t, really? With her timeless beauty, impeccable sense of style, and of course, her fairytale-like story, many girls will naturally aspire to be like her. In fact, when people see she’s wearing a particular brand and style, it will sell out in seconds. Truly, she’s one of the most influential women in fashion today.

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Lip Gloss: A Menace or A Woman’s Best Friend?

I must admit that I was once a hater of lip gloss.What with the sticky lips, the wind will certainly be your mortal enemy as every flyaway hair will most likely get stuck on your lips. Well, not to mention you will certainly leave a kiss mark on every cheek or coffee cup your lips touch.Furthermore, I used to think that the only thing you would need for your lips are lipsticks.

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