Why Choose Jimmy Choos?

From my last blog post, we’ve talked about why women are obsessed with shoes. Upon a bit of research over the web, I’ve found out that there’s actually some science behind our addiction with shoes—Dopamine anyone?

Okay now that we’ve established that, let’s move on to a bigger issue: Why do we love Jimmy Choo shoes so much?

Jimmy Choo is, without a doubt, the biggest name in the shoe biz now. Movies stars, recording artists, models, politicians, business bigwigs, and other A-list personalities were seen countless times sashaying in JC’s in various social events and exclusive galas. Even as casual as going to the mall or a restaurant, we’ve seen a ton of paparazzi pictures of celebrities wearing these amazing shoes—or should I say Choos?


Jimmy Choo Lusion


Jimmy Choos are also breaking borders and barriers as we have seen celebrities, young and old, from different countries, from different backgrounds, sporting JC’s. From industry legends such as Meryl Streep to newbies such as Kendall Jenner; from the first lady Michelle Obama to the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton—they were spotted several times wearing Jimmy Choos, which definitely make them fans of this footwear hotshot.

Jimmy Choo Haxeel

Jimmy Choo is definitely the most favorite brand among the elite—no doubt about that. However, the name is not just huge among famous people, Jimmy Choo is actually the biggest name in the world, making most women lust over their finely crafted shoes with intricate designs. And even if other names such as Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, and Alexander McQueen are also making their own names in the biz, Jimmy Choo shoes are, arguably the top brand in the biz as it still gains a huge cult following among celebrities and non-showbiz folks alike. Certainly, with the way things are going, Jimmy Choo is going to be the top brand for years to come.

Jimmy Choo Nanda

So what makes Jimmy Choo shoes such a favorite for a lot of women? Well, firstly, the brand is definitely a symbol of luxury, glitz, and glamour because, as I’ve already mentioned, the brand has become a staple in red carpet events among celebrities. If you’re seen wearing their shoes, you’re definitely the glamour girl. As they say: You can never go wrong with a Jimmy Choo.

Jimmy Choo Furrow

Secondly, it’s the brand’s beautiful designs, of course. The name Jimmy Choo is actually synonymous with stilettos, elegant designs, and straps, straps, straps—we can never get enough of them, right?

Lastly, Jimmy Choo shoes are all made from top-of-the-line materials and all are handcrafted. This only means that their shoes have better strength and durability as compared to, say, machine-made ones. But more than their toughness, handcrafted shoes will obviously look way better as machine-made ones were manufactured faster, which as we all know can sacrifice quality.

Jimmy Choo Lee

You see what we, girls, are up against? With the combination of Dopamine in our heads and those oh-so-lovely Jimmy Choo shoes, no wonder a lot of women went ga-ga over their shoes!

Jimmy Choo Lentar

Seriously though, Jimmy Choo is the top women’s shoe brand for a reason. That’s why, for me, if you’re really going to invest in luxurious shoes, I’d rather go with the best—I would definitely go with Jimmy Choos!

Craving for those Choos? Check out this site or click on the images above.

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  1. Its interesting how much shoes have inflated! A pair of Manolos in the 70s were retailing at £20 (the 2016 equivalent of £188) compared to today’s £635, but the craftsmen, methods and materials for luxury products like Jimmy Choos or Manolos or my favourite Rupert Sandersons are the same so I wonder why the values are so radically inflated. I don’t think you necessarily pay extra for workmanship or materials, I own a pair of Rupert Sanderson Gold collection shoes which now retail at around £1000 but mine were £435 from the very first collection he did which suggests that it’s all about a premium for the name.

  2. Hi Meinheels! Thanks for commenting. Yup, I agree with you, it’s all in the name. I guess it’s all thanks to all the famous people who were seen wearing these shoes in red carpet events. Though I really do think that the designs and the quality of their products are the reasons why famous people started patronizing their products.in the first place.

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